Uxcord Token

Uxcord Token (UXT) is a marketplace for NFT lovers to buy and sell NFTs.

The platform connects NFT creators to buyers. Uxcord Token marketplace gives additional exposure to NFT sellers and buyers.

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NFT marketplace to list all your owned NFTs.

NFT Listing

The ablity to list your NFTs for others to buy.

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You can buy or sell NFTs from the marketplace

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Create an account on our platform and keep track of your listings.

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Use our platform as a guest and do all listings and purchases.

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List all your owned NFTs on our NFT marketplace.

Connecting Sellers To Buyers Instantly

Mint NFTs & List

Users can mint NFTs and list them on our platform to gain exposure to the right audience.

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Sell / Buy

Users can sell or buy NFTs from our NFT marketplace.

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